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Broad Form Insurance

Broad Form Named Operator Coverage is very different from typical auto insurance. Instead of buying insurance on a specific car (or cars), insurance is purchased for a specific driver. So, whether you own one, two or even more vehicles, you pay the same amount and are covered when driving any car.

Broad Form coverage satisfies the Washington state insurance requirement covering bodily injury or property damage that you cause while you are driving any car, even one you don't own. You don't even need to contact us if you buy, sell or trade a vehicle, because no cars are listed on the policy.

Perfect for Company Vehicles

This type of car insurance is excellent coverage for employees, executives, or any other person who is supplied a company vehicle, and does not have coverage under a personal auto policy.


Keep in mind, however, are that there is no option to have physical damage coverage, such as collision and comprehensive. So, if you have an accident where you are deemed to be at fault, repairs to your car would not be covered.

An SR-22 filing can also be added to the Broad Form insurance policy.


Broad Form Insurance Specifics:

  • You, and only you, are covered while driving a car you own or have permission to use.

  • You are not covered if you let someone else drive a car you own. (But you will be held legally responsible.)

  • You are not covered while driving a motorcycle, motor home, or while driving for business use.

  • You are not covered for any physical damage that happens to a car you own or drive.

  • If another policy provides coverage on the car you are driving, Broad Form Named Operator Coverage will be excess (secondary) of that coverage.