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Color Tek

Make That Upholstery Damage Disappear!

Color Tek fixes damage from rips to stains with their mobile service.

before and after car seat repairLike many people, you spend almost as much time in your vehicle as you do at home. You commute to work, drop the kids at school or practice, or head out for a vacation. Inevitably, one of the kids spills some red juice on the carpet, or a passenger inadvertently puts a hole in your beautiful new leather upholstery! You just know that’s going to be time-consuming and expensive to repair!

Well, don't despair, there's a solution. A local company serving South King County, Color Tek, can come out and fix that hole or get rid of that juice stain, and you won't even be able to tell it was there! It will look and feel like the rest of the fabric!

Mark Rissell, owner of Color Tek of Renton, has a territory that covers most of South King County. He has been repairing vehicle carpeting, upholstery and plastic for more than 12 years.

As a mobile service, he can come to where your vehicle is located and, in most instances, repair the damage right there. They can repair damaged household furniture, too.

Phil Devitte, co-owner of SAV-ON Insurance, called Color Tek when he sat down in his car, forgetting that a screwdriver was in his back pocket. Seeing the puncture in the leather seat, he was resigned to the fact that he'd have to buy a new seat. After Color Tek was done,"It was like new!" Phil says."It was amazing!"

The cost savings were amazing, too. A new seat for Phil's car would've cost over $1,000 and taken weeks to order and install. Color Tek repaired it in less than two hours, and at a fraction of the cost!

"We like to get a photo of the damage before we come out, so we can provide the customer with an estimate close to what the cost will be," Mark says. "That way the customer is not surprised by the bill. It also helps me to know how much time and material we'll need to properly get the job done."

While he can travel to where the vehicle is parked, customers can also travel to meet him at a designated spot to save time. Once he has made the repair, the vehicle can be driven if necessary, but it takes 24 hours for the repair to completely cure.

While he specializes in holes or tears in leather and vinyl upholstery, he can also remove most stains, including red juices, wax, oil, tar and ink. He uses a technique that removes the offending stain, and then dyes it to match the color of the surrounding fabric.

"The process I use creates a natural repair, so it not only looks like the surrounding area, but is has the flexibility and feel of leather or whatever the fabric is," Mark says.

When he's not serving customers, he spends a good deal of time working with collision repair shops, where cars that have been damaged by break-ins or other interior damage can be repaired without replacing the entire seat, door or steering wheel. The end result is a vehicle that looks like new and saves money.

So, if you have damage to your car's upholstery, don't despair. Chances are Color Tek can get the car looking like new again, saving you time and money!

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