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Stove Tech

Don't Get Burned Heating Your Home This Year!


Stove Tech discount offerStove Tech is 'Simply the Best'

Stove Tech is determined to provide you with "Simply the Best" service available. Our certified technicians have been trained to respect your property, we even call if we are running late!

  • Removal of shoes when that is important to you

  • The placement of throw rugs along the path to your heater or fireplace

  • Vacuuming up the soot or ash

  • Cleaning the glass with special ceramic glass cleaner

  • Washing the stove surface and removal of dirty finger prints

Certified by the National Fireplace Institute

NFI logoNFI Certification means that an individual has passed a rigorous examination based on a training manual that has been reviewed by industry experts. The Training Manual for each hearth specialty is a comprehensive reference source for the fundamentals of that subject area, and including includes essential topics such as combustion theory, fuel comparisons, safety code regulations, appliance design and sizing. Stove Tech Certifications have been earned by our hearth industry professionals in:

  • NFI Woodburning Specialist

  • NFI Pellet Specialist

Certification is renewed every three years. NFI Certified Specialists have a dated certificate, wallet card, and are listed on the NFI Certified Internet List available at NFICertified.org.

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